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Hub charger high speed 3 USB ports including phone stand

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3 in 1, HIDE MINI is a powerful, beautiful and compact Hub USB charger.

Designed to be a charging station with 3 USB ports including a phone stand. Its square form allows to HIDE the plug ont he wall with elegance

  • Euro plug - Type C
  • UK plug - Type G


WALL STAND: Use your wall charger as a dock to hold your device.

COMPACT: Optimize your plugs with a 3 in 1 product.

HIGH SPEED CHARGER Rapidly and simultaneously charge up to 3 devices.

HOME FRIENDLY: USB power hub, powerful, compact and aesthetic.

Tech specs
Input AC 100 - 240 volt. Output 3 USB ports DC 5V 3.4A.

FINISH soft touch matt

COMPATIBILITY: Apple, Iphone, Ipad, Android devices and connected objects

Material :Mat Finish
Features :Compact, Dock Stand, High Speed charge, Home Friendly, Travel Friendly
Specifications :3 USB Ports
Model :HIDE Mini